Today’s Golf Instruction Has Gotten So Complicated


So much of today’s focus is to hit the ball longer. Granted, we all want to be longer off the tee. But, the money lies in the short game. Making those pesky three footers, or getting up and down from the edge of the green…

Now, you can start practicing like the pro’s with THE RIMER SHORT GAME TRAINER ! The Rimer will make you a more consistent putter and chipper of the ball. Fewer three putts, closer chips shots, and more save’s when you miss the green. Just five fewer strokes per round is all most of us want. The Rimer help you do just that !

The History of Carsley Golf

Carsley Golf Inc. is dedicated to my friend Tom Rimer.

Tommy and I met while we working for the same company. In 2002, I decided to try to qualify for the PGA Senior Tour. Tom came to Orlando to caddy for me. Needless to say, we found out quickly, those guys were really good, and I found out that I was not tour material.

After the 4th round, Tommy and I went to a local establishment to reflect and lick my wounds. While there, we began discussing what we could do to help the average player, play better, and be more consistent.

Over the next few years, we had many thoughts and ideas. Finally, we narrowed it down to the ball position.

We found that if the toe of the putter is open or closed, just ¼ inch at impact, the ball will be 2-3 inches off line on a 3 ft putt!! Just think how far off line on a 20 ft. putt… and much worse on a chip shot…..!

Three years ago Tommy passed away. In his memory, we are introducing: THE RIMER SHORT GAME TRAINER.

Ever notice, there are certain days when we putt great, then the next day, NOT EVEN CLOSE! And, how many times has someone told us on chip shots to: MOVE THE BALL BACK OR FORWARD IN YOUR STANCE… that’s great, BUT HOW FAR??

Watch the attached videos to see how to use The Rimer Short Game Trainer. We explain how easy it is to use, and will help you find the PERFECT BALL POSITION FOR YOU on putts, chips, and short pitch shots.

Your scores will lower, you will make more short putts, have fewer three putts, and you will get up and down more often from off the edge of the green. We include a chart on the back of the instruction card so you can LOG YOUR OWN PERSONAL BALL POSITIONS with each club, for each shot!!

Now when you get to the course, take a few minutes to use The Rimer on the putting green and practice a few chips. It will help remind you of those perfect positions before heading to the first tee.

You will shoot a lower score!

Good luck and start enjoying this great game even more with The Rimer Short Game Trainer!

Dave Riffey
Carsley Golf Inc.