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  • Lower Your Scores By 5 Strokes

    Consistent Ball Position
    Every Time!

    See How Consistent Ball Position Will Improve Your Short Game & Lower Your Scores!

  • Lower Your Scores By 5 Strokes

    The Only 4-in-1
    Golf Short Game Trainer

    Improve Your Ball Position, Chipping, Putting and Alignment

Easy To Use!

The Rimer Short Game Trainer is easy to use and will help you find and lock in the optimal ball position for YOU! And with the Rimer Scorecard, you'll never have to struggle to remember it!


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I’ve learned a few things about the game over the years that are truly meaningful, and striking putts on the sweet spot is one of them. I still promote the use of learning aids to help you learn how to catch the sweet spot on every putt. Dave Pelz | PGA Instructor
Face angle is even more important than stroke path. And not insignicicantly - it's six times more important. Even if your path is good, unduly opening or closing the face at impact spells doom. Dave Pelz | PGA Instructor
Warmed up with the Rimer before the round. The Rimer relieved the stress on my chipping… more confident, no chunks or skulls. Getting up and down more consistently. Thanks Carsley Golf! Fred | Largo, FL
Thank you for coming up with the Rimer. Never putted so well. Consistent and on line every putt. Can’t believe how it helped my chipping. WOW! My ball position was way off! Cathy | Charlotte, NC


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