The Rimer™ Ball Position Trainer

  • Man with driver with Rimer Ball Position Trainer
  • Man putting with Rimer Ball Position Trainer
  • Man with iron with Rimer Ball Position Trainer


How to use the Rimer Ball Position Trainer

  • Place The Rimer between your feet and the ball.
  • Align The Rimer with the desired target.
  • Line up your front foot toe with the front bracket of The Rimer.
  • Take your stance, widen your back foot to your desired width position.
  • Place the ball in your normal position for the club you are using. Slide and position The Rimer to be even with the ball.

Making Adjustments

As you practice, adjust the ball position and The Rimer slider as needed to find your perfect ball position for each club. Record The Rimer # Position(s) for each club. This will help you for the next time you practice. While using The Rimer, practice your step up routine with each club to help you see & repeat position. Take The Rimer away to see if you have trained your eyes to see and repeat those perfect ball positions.

Tips for Putting & Chipping

Move slider to the ZERO (0) position. Put ball even with the slider. Take your stance with the slider and ball in the middle of your feet. Move the slider & the ball to your normal ball position, making adjustments if needed as you practice.

Tip for Low, High, Chip, & Run Positions

Move the ball and the slider into different positions to practice hitting different chip and approach shots.

  • Back to hit is lower. Narrow Stance
  • Forward for higher
  • Open club face for a flop shot. Wider Stance

Tip for Punch Shots

Place slider and ball to ZERO (0) position. Take a normal stance.

Practice by moving the ball position and slider to see the different ball flights for each type of low shot. Change the aim of The Rimer to practice hitting low draw & fade shots.