The Rimer™ Ball Position Trainer

  • Man putting with Rimer Ball Position Trainer


  • Man chipping with Rimer Ball Position Trainer

    Chipping & Pitches

  • Man hitting out of a sand bunker with Rimer Ball Position Trainer




Very simple product, very effective product……I highly recommend it, you won’t be disappointed.


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The Rimer is inventor Dave Riffey's lightweight, portable gift to the short game — and to those of us who should practice our chips and putts far more often, and with more serious intent.


I missed a 3 foot putt on 12 tonight to make a double and go to +5. 13 is a short par 4. I hit my 2nd to 3 feet. I took my time and envisioned having the Rimer in my setup. I realized my stance was too narrow and my ball position had crept forward. I adjusted and made that birdie putt. Then I birdied 3 more coming in! 👍😁