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Chipping Tips for Quick Results

Chip shot: a shot played from close to the green, usually within a few yards of the putting surface, that results in the ball popping briefly into the air, then hitting the ground and rolling forward toward the hole.

With chipping, you are usually just scrambling to save par and might be the single mere fastest way to lower a score. Many golfers choose to simply ignore their chipping game and fail to practice their strategy on a daily basis.

Chipping improvement can be immediate and drastic, which what makes working with your chipping game so exciting. It sure helps to make your swing better, but those changes take a long time to take effect. Finally, chipping is a simple to learn shot, easy to navigate and provides great results with the proper technique.

5 Chipping Tips for Quick Results

1.Get on the Green at All Costs

Not all chip slots are created the same. Some are hit from short grass right off the side of the green to a hole located in the middle of the putting surface. When you’re ready to hit a chip shot, evaluate the situation and make a smart choice for the type of shot you are going to try and pull off. If it means a longer putt, make sure the ball finished on the green.

2. Decide Where to Putt From

Before you chip, walk up to the hole and decided where you want to putt from to make your job as easy as possible. If the hole is on a slope, make sure that you are putting uphill. Likewise, if the hole is on a flat section of green, you can get the chip as close as possible.

3. Play Long Rough like a Bunker Shot

Is your ball sitting in long grass next to the green? Using the bunker shot technique to splash the ball up, out, and onto the green will do the trick. Lay the club face open and try using a bigger swing to slide through the grass and achieve the ball midair.

4. Use One Club

Are you a professional golfer who spends several hours working on your craft? With that in mind, it’s important to choose on club, and get really good chipping with it. Proper technique can land you great results: you’ll be able to hit a wide-range of shots with just one club, and develop confidence while doing it.

5. Use Your Hands

To chip effectively, you need to engage your hands and let them work for you. Also, hinging your wrists is critical to a good chip shot because it allows the club to get up above the grass. You can also use your wrist to ‘hinge’ the club up on the backswing, then release it down into the ball.

In Conclusion

These tips will help you improve your overall chip if implemented effectively and in the right fashion. Also, selecting an inexpensive chipping target can be the best fit for you if you’re looking to practice your craft.


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