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Carsley Golf Featured In The Sioux Falls Business Journal

A Sioux Falls golfer’s invention to help players improve their ball position for the short game has made it to market.

The idea for The Rimer Short Game Trainer started 16 years ago when Dave Riffey, who lived in Florida at the time, tried out for the PGA Senior Tour. His friend Tom Rimer caddied for him, and after Riffey failed to make the cut, they decided to work on a training aid that could help golfers of all levels.

Rimer died three years ago, but Riffey, who had moved to Sioux Falls earlier in the decade, continued to work on the product. He applied for a patent and took it into production in September, naming it The Rimer in memory of his friend.

The device looks like a ruler with a slider. During practice, golfers put their front foot at the edge of The Rimer, set their other foot and then use the slider to mark the position of the ball where the putter or wedge hits the ball squarely.

“It’s very easy to use, and it will help you find your perfect ball position,” said Riffey, president of Carsley Golf. “When you get to the course, take a few minutes to use The Rimer on the putting green and practice a few chips (or putts). It will help remind you of your perfect ball position before heading to the first tee.”

The Rimer is being sold online at and will be available on Amazon, Riffey said. Golfers can watch how to use the device on a video shot by 44Interactive that’s on the website. Riffey is marketing the product through social media and targeted ads on golf websites. Once the online sales are rolling, he plans to expand to retail and will approach Sioux Falls-based Austad’s Golf.

Falcon Plastics in Brookings manufactured the first order of the device.

“I ran 1,000 of them. They’re sitting in my garage,” Riffey said, but he already has sold a few of them in the short time they’ve been available.

Riffey has made his living in sales, but this is his first step into production.

“I’ve sold the sausage for 35-some years. I’ve never had to make the sausage,” he joked.

Click here for the original article in the Sioux Falls Business Journal


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