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5 Ways to Improve your Short Game

Many golfers want to lower their scores 5-8 strokes, hit the ball solid, online with more consistency, get out of sand traps in one shot, chip better and make a few more makeable short putts.

Ball position is the most important key to starting a swing. Furthermore, your back swing, contact point and follow through are all affected by ball position.

Here are some tips to improve your short game:

1. With an open set up, cut across the ball

Use a 60-degree maximum club stance, as this will allow your club to slide through the grass. Also, try hinging the club up, and swing down with your stance. If your clubface is angled to the right, you’ll be able to swing along the target line.

2. Take advantage of the bounce on pitches

If you’re trying to get a pitch shot, using a bounce that comes with your shot is always a good idea. Make sure that your hands are in line with the clubhead you’re using. There’s much of a less chance your club will get stuck in the grass if you press your hands forward as you would a chip shot.

3. Slide the clubface under the ball for accurate flop shots

You should position your clubhead so it passes the shaft at impact, and pointed at the right target, which adds more loft. If you weaken your grip with your hands rotating toward the target, it will soften your shot.

4. One-level swing rolling shot

Get the ball rolling with the longest club that can carry a fringe, then run it up the slope. A longer club should be used when taking a downhill shot. For the technique, start with an open stance, then put more pressure on your front foot. Keep your backswing short and follow through.

5. Pay attention to your left arm when chipping

The left arm usually controls your chipping stroke. When your chipping, consider these two things: Keep your head still by looking at a dimple on the back of the ball and let the left hand and arm start the backswing, and hinge the wrists slightly. But, on the downswing, allow the left arm to position your clubhead into the ball.

Final Thoughts

Stance and ball position are highly important in how you play your game. If your stance is lacking, you will not achieve the best shot you can. The way your club is opened or closed at impact with the ball will determine how far your ball will travel.


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